We are currently working on a long-standing project for Volant Media called "The World's Most Strangest Hotel" 
Below you can read about our trips to the different hotels and the work behind the scenes. Keep updated on our instagram PARKWAYPLAY or on this website.

Treehotel, Sweden

We visited amazing Treehotel in Luleå, Sweden in summer 2019 and was blown away with the beautiful view and nature the hotel was located with! We got the honour to meed and talk with founder Kent Lindvall to hear about his fantastic story behind the concept. The idea behind Treehotel is to offer high-quality accommodation in a harmonious place where everyday stresses are thinning and guests can relax and gather new energy in unspoilt nature. Stay tuned to see how our visit was!

Sextantio Le Grotte Della Civita, ITALY

We visited amazing Sextantio Le Grotte  Della Civita in Italy in autumn of 2019. It was amazing feeling to stand on the mountain and look at the fantastisc view over the old city. This time we also got the honour to meet and talk with the founder Daniele Khilgren to hear about his deep story behind the concept. .Le Grotte della Civita is placed in the oldest part of the Sassi, the CIVITA, facing the spectacular Murgia park and its rock-hewn churches. It comprises 18 rooms and an ancient church, the “Cripta della Civita”, now used as a common area, all renovated to retain their original features. Stay tuned to see how our visit was!

Attrap'Rêves, France

World's most amazing hotels Episode:3

This fantastic hotel is located in near Marseille in France with the name Attrap'Rêves. The amazing suites is made as a bubble with the sky as view! It was an amazing experience and we had a interesting interview with the owner of the hotel. Great service! Stay tuned!

Skylodge adventure suites, Peru

Just take a look at this amazing hotel. How is it possible? Our team went to Peru for recording Skylodge Adventure Suites in Cuzco.

The only way up is one and a half hour of mountain climbing and the only way down....is with zipline! It was an amazing experience! Stay tunded for this episode!

Treehouse LODGE 

This breathtaking hotel is located in the deepest Amazon forest and are build just as you see- Like a treehouse! This is a very unique and strange hotel to live in but the team loved it! Is has so many activities and new experiences that you never want to leave! We are excited to share the results with you! Stay tuned!

Jumbostay Hotel

Due to the pandemic we had a break in the production of the show. But now we are back on track and the upcoming week (week 36) we are starting the recordings at amazing Jumbostay hotel in Sweden! Jumbostay is exactly what it sounds like,  a real jumbo airplane that is now a hotel nearby the swedish airport Arlanda!

This is the last episode of this season. Stay tuned for the premiere!

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